In Solidarity and Love, We Stand Together Against Hate

Arizona Faith Network stands in solidarity with the Islamic Community Center of Tempe (Mosque), the Arizona Council of Imams, our Muslim brothers and sisters and all people who promote interreligious harmony in condemning the vile acts perpetrated against the Mosque. On March 4, two women trespassed with three children into the mosque and proceeded to vandalize property. They videoed themselves and the children while destroying property, and they encouraged the children to use racist, Islamophobic language. They then applauded the children for their actions. We applaud Tempe Police for taking action in arresting the perpetrators on charges of felony third degree burglary.

Burglary? Yes, and rightfully so. Yet this type of behavior has much deeper ethical, spiritual and generational ramifications. We are especially appalled by the exposure of children to these contemptible acts, which is inexcusable. We pray that the effects of such hate-mongering by these two adults will not take form in the minds of these children and that they will learn to love despite what they have seen. We call for an end to the divisiveness, hatred and ignorance that such acts represent. We pray that the consequences these women face will teach them the error of their ways. We pray that justice will be swift and restorative, teaching them to “love thy neighbor” and persuading them and others to prevent such acts in the future.

As people of faith uniting to create positive change for the common good, AFN sees no place for hatred, division or criminal acts against any human being, especially not based on race, ethnicity, age, religious affiliation, ability, sexual orientation, natural origin or other protected status.

Every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and with respect for their right to worship as they choose. We call on people of faith across this great state to pray, search their sacred writings and speak up for divine love, righteousness and humane treatment of all people.

Jannah Scott, Interim Executive Director
Arizona Faith Network

Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all transgressions. Proverbs 10:12
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Join together for Love and Coffee this Saturday, March 17 @ 10:30 AM in support of healing for the community. Tempe Interfaith Fellowship members and other supporters will gather with our friends at the Islamic Community Center of Tempe, 131 E 6th St. Tempe.

The links below show you the Love and Coffee event and an article about the vandalism.

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Host (or watch) a Sing-Along Messiah!

Using the resources found at the link below, you can host your own “Messiah Sing-Along” with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! You can either do it live on March 23, or on-demand until April 9, at no charge. Included on the MoTabChoir website are other helpful resources, such as links to the entire text (libretto), downloadable musical scores, a video of the 2016 event and other videos related to Handel’s masterpiece. Even if you don’t host a sing-along, you’ll surely enjoy watching the performance. Thanks go to AFN Board Member Gerrit Steenblik for sharing this with AFN. Link:…/messiah-sing.html

MoTab Messiah.jpeg

AFN Statement on the passing of Thomas Monson, President of the Mormon Church

It is with heartfelt sincerity that AFN extends its condolences to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on the passing of President Thomas S. Monson. Among many, President Monson did a great deal to guide the church through these times.

We would like to honor President Monson for his promotion of interfaith humanitarian causes with Christian, Jewish and Muslim groups supporting homeless shelters, food banks, nursing homes and disaster relief efforts in the United States and abroad. His work in increasing access to online church records, including his presiding over the church’s digitalization of the Freedman Bank records, has opened a treasure trove of over a century of information of American history at one of its most turbulent times --on the status and holdings of African Americans in the aftermath of the abolition of slavery. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Monson family, the Quorum of the Twelve, Church and its people all over the world.

Statement from the Arizona Faith Network regarding the decision by President Trump to terminate the DACA Program

September 6, 2017

As partners in faith, the members of the Arizona Faith Network wish to express our grave concern that the decision on the part of President Trump to terminate the DACA program is a cause of stress and suffering for thousands of young men and women who were brought to the United States by their parents and, in many cases, have known no other nation as their home.  

Regardless of the complex immigration issues that are legitimately in need of comprehensive reform, the possibility that those who have been covered by the DACA program could be deported and families torn apart is morally repugnant.  

We challenge the Legislative and Executive branches of our Federal Government to address the underlying issues with a positive goal of regularizing the status of those who have long been residents in the United States, is respectful of protecting families and will treat with compassion those who cannot be held culpable for the legality of the decision that led to them reside in the United States of America.

On behalf of the Arizona Faith Network,

Rev. Michael L. Diskin


AFN Statement on Hurricane Harvey

The Arizona Faith Network sends our heart-filled prayers and support to all those who are facing loss and hardship following the devastating damage brought on by Hurricane Harvey. We ask that leaders of federal, state, and local governments do all they can to address the immediate and long term needs of children, older adults, the homeless, refugees, the impacted and the disabled. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as we move through these next days, weeks and years of hurricane response and recovery. May we all do all we can as we learn how those from afar can help.