Arizona Faith Network Bylaws

Dear AFN Partners and Friends,

AFN has worked diligently over the past year to update and expand the organizational bylaws. Thanks to all AFN partners who participated in the process. The new bylaws, effective September 5, 2018, include the following new items:

  1. Articulation of a Vision Statement

  2. Core Values added

  3. Improved articulation of the AFN Consensus Decision Making Process

  4. Partner language changed to reflect the evolving interreligious nature of AFN

  5. Specificity added to the organization’s governance model

  6. Conflict of Interest Statement Added

Over the next 2-3 months, AFN will be working to fully transition operations to reflect all bylaws changes. During this “grace” period, new policies and procedures may be developed.

For a downloadable PDF version of these bylaws, please click here.


Jannah Scott, Interim Executive Director

Arizona Faith Network (formerly Arizona Ecumenical Council)
1550 E. Meadowbrook Ave
Phoenix, Arizona 85014