Job description / Application


Arizona Faith Network (AFN) is hiring interns to produce geographic maps under the mentorship of a geographic information system (GIS) professional. The maps will illustrate aspects of addressing injustices in the criminal legal system in Arizona. Latest data shows that low-income African Americans & other people of color, along with elders & women are disproportionately represented in the state’s prison population. AFN is committed to find consensus on solutions that will turn the tide on this unjust situation.

The maps will support the following project goals:

  • To educate, engage & activate faith leaders in support of an agreed-upon agenda to impact changes to the Arizona criminal legal system.

  • To speak out against the disparities & injustices in the system & to advocate for positive change

The interns will do data collection, entry, analysis, & limited database operations & will learn how to use the ArcGIS online mapping program. Products of the work will be maps, summary tables, & reports.

Employer: Arizona Faith Network. No school credit will be earned.
Job Site: Arizona Faith Network office, 1550 E. Meadowbrook Ave., Phoenix (United Methodist Center).
Duration of project: Spring and summer 2019.
Schedule is flexible; to be approved by the GIS professional mentor. One or two interns will be hired.


  • Clerical skills: ability to use a computer for written documents, email, and necessary daily tasks.

  • Technical skills: Ability to use or learn technical programs including ArcGIS online, Outlook, and Keela (online CRM)

  • Work habits: Values integrity, works hard, and collaborates well.

  • Age: At least 16 years old.

To apply. Submit materials via email to

  • A cover letter must state your interest in the project. Include your name & contact information. Describe any background you may have in understanding the effects of the criminal legal system on the people in the Phoenix area and/or addressing the need for criminal legal reform.

  • If currently a student, attach a school transcript.

  • Attach 1 to 2 additional files that are examples of work that you have produced (possible examples are a map, a spreadsheet, or a paper on a topic related to human rights).

Applications will be reviewed and responsive applicants will be interviewed promptly until the position(s) are filled.

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