Other AFN Commissions:

Public Policy Commission


Billie K. Fidlin

Commission Chair

Karen McLaughlin

Vice Chair & Secretary

Vision: To learn the issues of those in need, to amplify the voice of the impacted, to advocate as allied partners, and assist people of all faiths to remain aware, responsive and in collaboration with, the impacted.

Mission: The PPC of the AFN meets on a monthly basis to discuss issues that affect the impacted populations of AZ. Most meetings open with an education segment presented by a Commission member or guest speaker, designed to educate the commission on various subjects for undergirding advocacy efforts as the PPC, a PPC member, or allied partner.

Through our members, the commission hears ways that we can advocate for justice, and help faith communities to participate in advocacy. Several Community Conversations are held annually, targeted to educate and lift action steps around specific topics of injustice facing the members of our state.

The Commission undergirds the Annual Focus of the organization, working in collaboration with our Executive Director and other commissions as directed. Members are regularly present at the state vigils, and speaking with legislators about issues regarding social justice. The commission seeks to keep our Executive Director and faith leaders informed and inspired to respond to the needs of our citizens, finding our core response in our interfaith responsibility to help and defend the rights of those in need.

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