Arizona Faith Network Strategic Plan

Executive Summary 

Understanding that the mission of Arizona Faith Network (AFN) calls us to actively engage the statewide community of Arizona in the work of building interfaith relationships and advocating for positive change for the common good, the 2019 AFN leadership engaged in a process to identify the strategic direction of AFN. This strategic planning team identified five Strategic Priorities to guide the work of AFN beginning in the fall of 2019 through the end of 2021.

These priorities were identified through a process of organizational review, education and assessment with the purpose of strengthening, streamlining and growing AFN. It is our hope that these five Strategic Priorities become the focus of the current work and vision for the future of AFN.

The work of AFN brings together a diverse network of people dedicated to building bridges of peace, understanding that lead to action and work for positive change in Arizona. To ensure this work is effective, it is essential that it is intentional. This Strategic Plan is a way to ensure that we identify the needs of the Arizona community and focus our resources to meet those needs effectively and efficiently.

This 2019-2021 plan is firmly rooted in the core values, mission and vision of AFN. The plan has been influenced by numerous organizational stakeholders and adjusted based upon input and evaluation. 

This Strategic Plan is a living document. The Strategic Planning Team appointed by the AFN Board of Directors in January 2019 determined the Strategic Priorities. In June 2019 the Board of Directors will review this document for approval. Time-specific goals for each Strategic Priority will be regularly updated and continuously evaluated. The Board of Directors will review and approve all changes and updates.