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Theological Dialogue Commission


Commission Chair

Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman

Vice Chair

Rev. Jan Trulock


Al Gephart

Next Steps Subcommittee Chair

Vision: The Vision of the Theological Dialogue Commission (TDC) of AFN is to be a catalyst and create safe spaces for interfaith theological dialogue with our partner faith communities and affiliates of the Arizona Faith Network and the greater community. The members of the TDC currently represent: Baha’i, Christianity across a multi-denominational spectrum, Islam, Judaism, Mormonism, Sufism, and Unitarian-Universalist faith traditions. The TDC engages in theological dialogue during our monthly meetings, exploring the theological underpinnings of the AFN yearly Focus Topic work, sponsoring introductions to various faiths at their places of worship (Faith 101 events), and Interfaith Dinner and Discussion events. The TDC meets monthly on the first Thursday from noon to 2:00pm in Central Phoenix.

Mission: The mission of the Theological Dialogue Commission is to:
A. Foster relationships and engagement in interfaith concerns and issues among the members of the commission and their respective communities,
B. Provide opportunities for discourse with the faith communities of the AFN and society at large, and inspire action consistent with AFN’s common values.”
C. Engage in an outreach to students and young adults
D. Support the activities of AFN and its commissions.
E. Facilitate the work of an effective functioning commission

Next Steps Subcommittee

After a box dinner (with menu options that support various faith dietary considerations), participants explore a single topic from various faiths’ perspectives. Conversations occur around tables of 8 people from various faith traditions including but not limited to: Members of Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Mormon, and Muslim communities. Persons share their tradition’s teachings and their own experiences with the specific topic. Prior to the conversation, participants commit to abide by conversational norms that foster safe space and civil discourse.

The evening, sometimes referred to as "Interfaith Dinner and Dialogue," is sponsored by the Next Steps subcommittee of the Theological Dialogue Commission and hosted by various faith communities in the greater Metro-Phoenix area. Prior topics have included: “What is Transformation?” “Where is God?” and “Is God in control?”

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